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Brachypelma emilia Female + Male (4.5cm)

Brachypelma emilia Female + Male (4.5cm)

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Origin: New World. This scrubland species is native to regions of Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Difficulty: Beginner

Type: Terrestrial

Adult Size: 4.25-5.75″

Growth speed: Slow

Longevity: Males 6+ years, females 20-40 years

Temperament: Docile yet skittish. If agitated they may flee and/or flick urticating hairs.

Bite potency:  Mild

Urticating hairs: Yes

Ideal Temperature:  70 to 75°

Humidity: Low to Medium

Fun Fact: As they grow and develop, many Brachypelma and Tliltocatl species may sometimes display a faint or somewhat pronounced triangular pattern on the carapace similar to B. emilia however, B. emilia is the only one from either genus to permanently keep it’s trademark triangle. The contrast is faint at first but the colors will grow bolder with each molt. Although juvenile and adult females display bright red and matte black, the mature males tend to have somewhat brighter color.

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