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Aphonopelma moderatum (0.5cm)

Aphonopelma moderatum (0.5cm)

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Origin: New World. Native to Mexico

Difficulty: Beginner

Type: Terrestrial

Adult Size: 4.5-5"

Growth speed: Very slow

Longevity: Males 7+ years, females 22-40+ years

Temperament:  Known for it's docile nature if frightened or disturbed it may flee and/or flick urticating hairs. Bites from this species are very rare.

Bite potency:  Mild

Urticating hairs: Yes

Ideal Temperature:  70 to 75°

Humidity: Low to Medium

Fun Fact: Like most Aphonopelmas, the males will lose their distinct markings once mature.

Substrate: While most adults will adopt a hide, slings often prefer to burrow. Cocofiber, vermiculite, peat moss and/or potting soil (or a mix) are all excellent substrate choices. Please make sure the substrate you choose is organic and chemical/fertilizer free. Do not use sand, pebbles, rocks or wood chips or anything else that could potentially cut or injure the tarantula.

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